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The Seven Line Challenge
A big thanks to Chris Andrews for giving me the opportunity for this, sorry about the wait, mate.

And for those who have been paying attention, I have done this before on Facebook but I'll be using the alternate set of lines this time.

The 7 Line Challenge works a bit like The Next Big Thing, but instead of a Q&A you go to page 7 or 77 of your manuscript, find line 7, and grab the next 7 lines of text and paste them in your blog.

You then tag seven new people to do the same.

My 7 Line Challenge comes from page 7 of 'The Changeling Detective', the novella I am currently rewriting under editorial direction. The text below is based on the seven lines from a compilation of the MS in standard manuscript format (Courier 12 point) output from my writing platform of choice, Scrivener for the Mac, which doesn't natively support pages. I added the last two words to make the last sentence, and the paragraph, complete.

Hmmm. Considering the scene, perhaps this could be considered toilet humour, although the punchline is yet to come.

"There's one little problem with being a face changer. If you want to look anywhere near human you need access to a decent-sized mirror and some privacy. As luck would have it, one of the staff preceded me in and headed for the urinal. I stepped into a cubicle. My reversible jacket and the baseball cap in its pocket would be a start, but I really needed some quality time in front of that mirror to make the changes that would matter."

I'm a bit time poor at the moment, so I'm going to open this up to anyone who reads this who is interested in being part of the meme. If you are, contact me and I'll put a link to your page at the bottom of this post.

Happy reading.



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